Living with an addict is chaotic and confusing. The one person that you are meant to trust completely lies compulsively in order to protect their supply. Addiction affects everyone in the family but all too often all the attention is focused on the addict and the spouse’s trauma remains untreated. Living in the midst of betrayal and deception is stressful. Most spouses report symptoms including increased irritability, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, despair, lashing out at the children as well as finding ways to numb out: prescription meds, eating, shopping or watching tv.

Addicts hide the truth from family and friends at any cost. Often times, the spouse is made to feel that they’re the one with the problem. This is called ‘crazy making’. You are weighed down with feelings of guilt and shame while your spouse continues to use his drug.

You need a safe place to share your anger, grief, pain and confusion.


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