“After binging monthly for over a year, my efforts to stop were useless. I had heard of Mark Makinney through church as a sex addiction counselor and knew that I needed real help.  From our first encounter, I sensed that Mark understood my problem and had a pathway out.  It wasn’t an easy journey for me as Mark held firmly to the “no b.s.” doctrine while always pointing me towards my faith.  Now after four years of sobriety, I can say that without Mark’s leading I would not have the recovery, freedom and hope that I now enjoy.”   – Alan W.

“Working with Mark over this past year has been a huge blessing for my husband and I, both individually and in our marriage. Not only has my husband been able to become free from his porn addiction, he has become fully honest and open with me and in all of his relationships. I have had the support of other wives, which has helped me to process and heal from the effects of the addiction. Knowing that I was not alone in this journey was priceless and I am forever grateful to Mark for all of his help.”   – Kathleen T.

“After I told my wife the truth, our lives became pure chaos—each day was agonizing and explosive. About a month in, we were referred to Mark by a friend, and though the pain and difficulties didn’t disappear overnight, our sessions certainly provided a new level of stability and hope for our marriage. Mark listened to me, challenged me, encouraged me, and plugged both my wife and myself into support groups. Mark’s gifting is really in his insight. For me, he was like a flashlight into my soul, exposing my fears, pain, anger, and ridiculous thinking. I’m thankful he was there to counsel me and hold my feet to the fire. Three years later, my marriage still needs quite a bit of work, but we’re still together and things are better. I’m sober and have been since seeing Mark and taking his wisdom to heart. Mark helped me get to the other side of this terrible addiction. I didn’t think it was possible. Thank God, and thank God for Mark.”   – Matt J.

“I had been in recovery for sex addiction for 3 years and was still relapsing on masturbation at least 3 times a week. I was still hiding from my wife, full of shame, and not free. I finally called Mark because he came highly recommended by some fellow sex addicts. I’ve been sober ever since. Mark has a gift for pulling out your deepest shame and letting it wither in the light without making you feel hopeless and alone. Because of his direction and encouragement, I can now face myself. My relationship with my wife has grown in ways I never thought possible and I have found so much freedom in just being myself. If you can’t seem to get out from under your addiction, I highly recommend supplementing your current program with visits to Mark. He’s worth the money.”   – Chris V.

“The very first day and the following 12 months after, I cursed Mark daily!  Four years later, free from porn addiction, I frequently thank God for putting Mark in my path and continuing to guide my journey to freedom.”   – Josh O.

“Through God we were brought to Mark and Resolve Therapy. Recovery has been attempted many times before in other programs and nothing has worked. Through Resolve both my husband and I have found healing and restoration. It has been the hardest journey we have ever been on as a couple but the most worth it. Our marriage is forever changed for the better and my husband is free from the bondage of his addiction. As I am a more whole person as I have worked to be healed. We are so incredibly grateful for all that Mark and the Resolve therapy program has given us – true life in fellowship with one another and others.”   – Emma R.

“To put it simply, Mark Makinney changed my life. I started therapy at the insistence of my girlfriend because I needed help with my “struggle with pornography.” Mark pulled me out of that fantasy and into the full, bright light of reality to show me that I am a full-blown sex addict.  It was not fun–I cannot remember how many times I broke down in tears in our sessions–but it was totally necessary.  Giving a full disclosure to my girlfriend, to whom I was about to propose to, is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it very nearly ended our relationship; but it’s also the reason why we are now married today and why we have a deeper and more intimate relationship than we ever had before.  Mark is like a bloodhound in that he has a gift for sniffing out truth, lies, and deception; and once he picks up the scent he does not let go.  I needed that even though I didn’t want to admit it.  Without his help, I would almost certainly still be enslaved to my addiction today.”   – Ben E.

“I can honestly say Mark Makinney (Resolve) ruined my life.  Fortunately, I had a life that needed to be ruined.  This program is difficult, but it brings about true recovery if you fully commit.  Through this program, I have learned what true intimacy looks like and can’t fathom how I lived so many years without it.  Mark (Resolve) will guide you to a place where healing and recovery are possible.”   – Chris T.

“For nearly 30 years I was a full blown sex addict. When I hit bottom and decided I couldn’t live this life anymore I realized there was not a lot of support out there. I went to two therapists with not a lot of help. One told me go ahead and white knuckle it, that’s the only way. A higher power told me to keep looking and I finally found Mark. The day I called him there was this person on the other end that asked the right questions and understood me. I am 2 and a half years sober thanks to Mark’s therapy, group therapy and directing me in a new life I never knew existed. I will always be grateful to Mark because he saved me.”   – Andy W.

“Thank you Mark for opening up the eyes of a rebellious, self absorbed, hard hearted man, to the Savior who is greater than all my sin. My prayer for years was from Ezek 36:25, “I will give you a new heart and will put a new Spirit within you. I will remove the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh”. It was during my time with Mark that this transformation began. Mark, you are my therapist, mentor and friend. Thank you for being there for me.”   – Brandon S.

“While I had known for years that my husband’s porn use affected my marriage, nothing could prepare me for what I would eventually learn about the layers of deception, betrayal and the disturbing path that my husband had been on. I began my journey at Resolve as a last ditch effort to fix my marriage. My husband had done everything he could to deny, lie and minimize his addiction. The only thing stronger than his addiction was his desire to keep his family. He had no choice but to divulge his ugly secret life and I sat shocked, sickened and horrified. How could we move on? How would I move forward? I was frozen in despair. Desperate to be relieved of my pain, I joined the Resolve support group along with women who were in the same pain as I. Through this group, I was afforded the opportunity to be completely honest and understood. The pain began to lessen and I began to set boundaries. Fortunately, my husband also entered individual and group therapy and we began to become more honest with each other than we ever had been before. At times, it is still difficult. We are still working on ourselves and our marriage, but as difficult as it is, for right now, I am grateful to be living in the light of truth.”   – Dawn B.

“After breaking through the massive denial about my addiction, my wife and I sought help.  Our research steered us toward seeking out a CSAT certified therapist.  Mark’s practice is in a very convenient location for me so I called.  I was taken by surprise at his complete openness and acceptance of my situation.  I knew I could trust his guidance and my wife felt comfortable that he would hear her needs.  After six months of individual and joint sessions, I am on a path of recovery.  My marriage would have dissolved if it were not for Mark’s intervention and guidance.  While the marriage isn’t perfect, there is hope and I am no longer doing the behaviors that caused such damage in the past.  Behind the changes in behavior are spiritual and emotional changes that guide my actions today; the actions, thoughts, and feeling of a respectable and trustworthy man.”   – Chuck M.

“I was as lost as my husband, he was immersed in his addictions and I was working hard trying to make everything look perfect, I was living a double life one filled with secrets and pain and the other with everything looking picture perfect.   I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know who to turn to so I began to look for addiction therapist and we found Mark Makinney of Resolve Therapy. After our first appointment I knew that I found a path to healing.   Mark works with the husbands to help overcome addictions and he also teaches a life changing class for the women called Facing Heartbreak.  While taking the class I met women with similar feelings of betrayal and pain from living in a world of deception and lies caused from addictions and I finally felt like someone understood my feelings.  Mark helped to bring clarity to the effects of addiction in families and gave me tools how to live a happy fulfilling life.”   – Katy R.

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