Porn use has long term detrimental effects on a child’s development. 43% of teenage boys view porn weekly. What can be done about this?

The topics covered in this seminar are:

Why pornography is a drug.

The developing brain and pornography.

Why teenagers are particularly vulnerable to becoming addicted.

The effects of pornography on the social, emotional and sexual development of teenagers

What steps can I take as a parent to protect my child.

What to do if you think your teenager is addicted.

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“The content of Mark Makinney’s presentation is shocking and unnerving and it’s exactly why we invited him to share with our parents.  Mark delivers information, coaching and practical advice on how to protect our kids from the most insidious predator we face as parents…pornography and the resulting sexual addiction!”

Matt WilliamsPastor of Adult Ministries, Mountainbrook Community Church

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