Do you need sex addiction help? Sexual addiction is not simply a bad habit.

Are your sexual habits costing you more than you can afford? Have you put your life as you know it at risk because of a sexual habit that you just can’t stop? If so, you may be addicted to sex and need sex addiction help.

Sex addiction is a disease of the mind. As the limbic center in the brain becomes more and more accustomed to pleasure, it takes an ever increasing amount of the same type of activity to satisfy the pleasure center. Just as a cocaine addict needs more and more of the drug to get high, the sex addict needs more sex to be satisfied. Sex addiction is not about finding true intimacy. Rather, it provides the addict with a cheap substitute that acts as a “quick fix” for the discomfort a lack of true intimacy creates.

A sex addict will continue his habit regardless of the risks to his marriage and his health. His brain will demand more and more dopamine to satisfy the pleasure centers of his brain and it will take more than a wish to stop those behaviors and help him recover.

Ask yourself:

Do you hide your behaviors?

Have you tried to stop but find yourself returning to your behaviors repeatedly?

Is your job or your marriage or your health at risk because of your behaviors?

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